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Thông tin sản phẩm

ACUS 5T SIMON WOOD Compact and very light it does not lack the necessary power. Easy to carry. It is a 75W classical guitar amplifier with 2 separate inputs (one microphone and one line) with Gain / Volume controls, 3-band EQ, Effect send and Master Volume. Thanks to the AUX input and its dedicated volume control, you can play tracks or your own songs by connecting an mp3 or iPod

Power: 50 W

Speaker components: 1x 5" woofer and 1x compression tweeter

Bass reflex housing

3 Channels:

1 Channel for instrument

1 channel for instrument or microphone

1 AUX input with its own volume control

Controls (for channels 1 & 2): Gain / Volume, High, Mid, Low & Effects (reverb)

1 Master volume

XLR DI output

Dimensions / Weight: 315 x 255 x 270 mm / 7 Kg


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