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Thông tin sản phẩm

Drive Series effects are designed to be connected to "clean" channel inputs of guitar combos or amplifiers, and do not have a cabinet simulated output as the Legend Amp Series. These pedals allow guitarists to obtain warm, crisp, natural tube sounds of their favorite high gain amplifiers, while preserving individuality and tone of the instrument and equipment.

In the Drive Series, AMT uses new original circuitry solutions developed by AMT specialists  based on real actual tube stage emulation and response. The result is bright, rich, full, and powerful distortion sounds.

The AMT VT-DRIVE was designed for guitarists looking for distoriton sounds similar to that of VHT* amplifiers.

When using Drive Series Effects, the resulting sound is mainly influenced by the combo or amplifier you use, as well as the speakers installed in your cabinet. The Drive Series were designed for guitarists who do not need or desire the speaker emulation of the Legend Amp Series.

Drive Series pedals provide massive gain, and tonal perfection; just as the tube heads they represent!

Thông số kỹ thuật


- The pedal sensitivity and drive/distortion amount is determined by the position of GAIN control.

- The overall output level is determined by the position of LEVEL control. It's range of adjustment provides the standard minimum level of -10dB and reaches +8 dB at it's maximum position.

- The pedal also features a simplified TONE control, which is designed for general tone matching of the pedal to your amplifier. Further EQ adjustment may be made on the expanded preamp section of your amplifer.

- A VOICE switch has been added, providing different ENGL* style voicings to easily get that perfect tone.

l- Standard 9vDC (-) negative center power required. Voltage consumption is low, running at only (less than 4mA) of power.

- TRUE BYPASS circuitry. No tone coloration, signal degregation, or loss while pedals is not in use.