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Thông tin sản phẩm

Shotgun Mic for High-Quality DV Cameras

By now, we all know that when the multi-award winning RODE company puts its mind to creating a mic, it's going to be solid, rugged, great sounding, and a lot less expensive than microphones that are sonically equivalent. The VideoMic represents RODE's genius for innovation in the field of designing microphones specifically for video applications.

The RODE VideoMic is a professional grade shotgun microphone. Based on the latest 'Film industry' technology, the VideoMic is designed specifically for use with high-quality Digital Video Cameras.

The VideoMic exhibits low noise and an unusually wide bandwidth for its size. It is ultra lightweight, yet rugged due to ABS construction. The VideoMic is powered by a standard 9 Volt battery and offers a Low Battery LED status indicator and a switchable highpass filter to reduce unwanted low frequency rumble.

The VideoMic attaches to any Camcorder that has the standard hot-shoe fitting and utilizes a stereo mini jack for audio output.


Thông số kỹ thuật

Super Cardioid.

Frequency Range: 40Hz-20kHz selectable HPF @ 80Hz/12dB octave.

Maximum SPL: 134dB

Studio recording quality.

Rugged fiber-reinforced ABS construction.

Condenser microphone.

9 Volt battery operation.

Custom designed integral windscreen.

Low noise circuitry.

Low handling noise.

Integral hot shoe mount and zip pouch.

Made in Australia.