Eden EM25 Metromix 25-Watt 1x8" Combo Bass Amplifier

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Thông tin sản phẩm

The Eden EM25 is small enough for tight spaces but loud enough to feel real bass thump

The Eden EM25 is the perfect tool for music instructors in a one on one situation. Small enough for tight spaces, loud enough to feel real bass thump. Tilt back design means you'll hear every nuance of your tone. Dual headphone outputs allow for private practice & jamming. Plug in an iPod or CD player to learn & play along with your favorite tunes.

  •  Power: 25W RMS @4Ω
  •  Speaker: 8" Eden designed extended range
  •  Tilted monitor style cabinet
  •  2 instrument inputs with individual volumes
  •  2 headphone outputs with individual level controls
  •  Master section with flexible tone control
  •  1/8" Media Player input
  •  Rear panel line out
  •  Stereo RCA inputs
  • Weight: 11lbs / 5kg 
  • Dimensions:  12.6 in / 32cm x  8.5 in / 21.6cm x 10.51 in / 26.7cm
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