Gibraltar Chain Cajon Pedal w/mount + Bag GCDCP

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Gibraltar's award-winning cajon pedal with a cable, mount and more.

The award-winning GCP Strap Drive Cajon pedal with mount was developed by Gibraltar to address the growing cajon market. The GCP Cajon pedal has introduced many drummers and percussionists to an affordable option for using a cajon as a bass drum for playing low volume acoustic drum set situations.

This pedal features a "G" branded board and the familiar chain-drive CAM system. A sturdy 2mm cable, mount and carry bag will ensure that your cajon is road-ready straight out of the box and the long-term.

  • New fast touch "G" branded smooth pedal board
  • Chain-drive CAM system
  • Upgraded cable system
  • Adjustable cajon pedal mount
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