Line 6 Spider V 240 240-Watt 2x12" Modeling Guitar Combo Amplifier ( Krazy Deal )

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Thông tin sản phẩm

A Universe of Guitar Tone - in Stereo

Line 6 gave the fifth generation of their Spider modeling amps a crisp, modern design and a high-performance, full-range speaker system, and packed them with a serious arsenal of upgraded amp models and effects. Take it from Sweetwater: these are the best-sounding and easiest-to-use Spiders ever. The Spider V 240 rocks a selection of over 200 killer amps, cabinets, and effects, handling both your electric and acoustic guitars with confidence - all in glorious stereo! The intuitive, color coded control set and 128 iconic rig presets let you zero in on your ideal tone for any musical scenario. Plug into the Line 6 Spider V 240 - there's a universe of guitar tone waiting.

Killer presets for any occasion

The Line 6 Spider V 240 is loaded with a full arsenal of amazing presets. You have your Iconic Rig Presets, based on must-have setups from legendary recordings. Then there's the Artist Presets of cutting-edge contemporary sounds created by some of today's top guitarists. And lastly, Standard Presets deliver original Line 6 classics, tweaked to perfection by the tone-meisters in Calabasas, California. With over 100 killer presets - and an intuitive, color coded control set, the Spider V 240 makes it quick and easy to nail the perfect tone.

Full-range speaker system

No conventional guitar amp, Line 6 spec'd the Spider V 240 with a full-range stereo speaker system that includes a custom-designed guitar speaker plus a high-frequency driver. The benefit here is that your amp will sound fantastic with not only electric and acoustic guitars, modeled amps, and effects - but you can also plug in a full mix and hear it in high fidelity stereo. Trust us - your acoustic guitar will sound amazing through the Spider V 240 - no need for a separate amp.

Useful extras you'll appreciate

Line 6 packed their Spider V amps with the useful extras you'll appreciate - and rely on. With the Spider V 240, you'll take performance and practice to the next level. The built-in wireless receiver lets you plug in a Relay G10 transmitter (sold separately) and you're ready to cut the cord. Maintain perfect tuning with the onboard tuner. Sharpen your time with the built-in metronome. And get into the groove by playing along with the real drummer loops recorded by pros. All in, Line 6's Spider V amps are the best Spiders ever - and they offer tremendous value. You need one.


Thông số kỹ thuật

Power: 240 W

Equipped with: 2x 12" Custom full/range loudspeaker & tweeter

200 Amp models

128 Presets (incl. Signature Setups & Sounds)

Controls: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble & Volume

1x 6.3 mm jack instrument input

1x Headphone input

1x Stereo aux input

Built-in tuner

Drum Loops


USB recording & playback

XLR DI output

Compatible with Line6 FBV3 (Article 380135) & FBV MKII footswitches (Article 231417 & Article 231418 - both not included)

Built-in Line6 Relay G10 receiver (matching Line6 Relay G10 transmitter (not included) - can be charged via instrument input on amplifier

Dimensions: 271 x 683 x 551 mm

Weight: 19.5 kg