Line 6 Spider V 412 320-watt 4x12" Slant Extension Cabinet

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The Perfect Speaker Cab for Your Spider V

When you're ready to push a serious amount of air with your Spider V amplifier, get this Line 6 Spider V 412 speaker cabinet. Loaded with four custom Celestion speakers, you can expect premium tone from this angled speaker cabinet regardless of what style of music you're playing through it. At Sweetwater, we've been impressed with the Spider V amp head, and we can confirm this cabinet is the perfect match.

Line 6 Spider V 412 Speaker Cabinet Features:

Designed to be the perfect match for the Spider V 240HC guitar amplifier head

Equipped with four custom Celestion speakers for powerful lows, rich mids and smooth highs

Suitable for Line 6 Spider heads

Slant version

Equipped with 4 x 12" Celestion custom speakers

Power handling: 2 x 75 Watts into thomann 8 ohms

Weight: 36 kg

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