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  • Giá nhà sản xuất15.990.000 VNĐ
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Thông tin sản phẩm

Line6 Wireless-System XD-V75

2.4 GHz Wireless System with dynamic handheld transmitter

14 Switchable channels ( all simultaneously usable )

10 Modelling presets of proven models Microphone ( Shure SM58, Beta 58, SM57, Sennheiser E835, E935, AKG D5, Audio Technica AE4100, Audix OM5, Electro-Voice N / D767a, Line6 )

Compander free digital quality:   24 Bit 10-20,000 Hz

Tremendously low latency of 2.9 ms

Digital Channel Lock technology (signal encryption)

Channel scanning

Active BNC antenna outputs

Output: XLR and jack

Incl. 19" rack-mount and power supply unit


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