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High-quality cable with a built-in mute switch!

Check out the Circuit Breaker guitar cables from Planet Waves! Guitarists, we're sure you're familiar with the nasty sound your amp makes when you unplug the cable from the guitar without turning the amp off or going into standby mode. You know, that big "Pop" followed by hum. Not a good sound! But Circuit Breaker guitar cables put a built-in mute switch at your fingertips, letting you instantly — and silently — break the connection. Once the cable connection is broken, you can remove the cable and insert it into a different guitar. When you're ready to play, just press the Circuit Breaker's mute button and you're ready to go.


Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Guitar Cable Features:

  • Length: 20'
  • One straight connector and one angled connector
  • Built-in mute switch
  • Prevents pops and squeals when unplugging your guitar
Thông số kỹ thuật


Balanced No
Connector 1 TS Male Right Angle 1/4
Connector 2 TS Male 1/4
Length 20'