Shure Handheld Condenser Microphone Beta 87A

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Studio Quality Vocals on a Live Stage

The Shure Beta 87A handheld condenser microphone is a great live mic. If you're really desiring great nuance, or for vocalists looking for a higher-quality sound than the rusty old mics at your local venue, the Beta 87A is a great fit. While giving you a crystal clear sound, their supercardioid pickup pattern is absolutely stelar at feedback rejection. And of course, you get legendary Shure roadworthiness and quality, which is why Shure is a live standard worldwide. If you need to perform and sound your best every night, the Shure Beta 87A is a great choice.

Superb sound quality

Engineered to exacting standards, Beta 87A unites the best of studio and stage. With its condenser design and supercardioid polar pattern, the Beta 87A reveals nuance and subtlety in a microphone optimized for the most demanding live environments. The choice for the world's most accomplished vocal performances, Beta 87A microphones capture vocal subtlety with extraordinary detail to deliver clear articulation, functional flexibility and precise vocal reproduction for live performance.

Built for a loud stage

One shortcoming of a lot of condenser mics is their inherent nature to capture everything around them, resulting in terrible feedback and lack of control in a loud environment. The Beta 87A counters this with it's supercardioid pickup pattern, accepting only the closest and most direct signal sources. You'll be amazed how well they do standing right infront of a loud set of monitors. And Beta 87A microphones offer consistency across all frequencies, providing more gain before feedback, and minimizing proximity effect.


Like any other Shure mic, the Beta 87A is built to withstand just about anything. Shure mics are renowned industy-wide for being virtually indestructable. All of their designs go through the same durability testing from drops, to humidity, to heat tests, and more! Shure mics are one of the top choices for live performance worldwide for one very simple reason: They perform night after night, no matter how rough it gets.

Durable, and great sounding handheld condenser mic

Tuned for live vocals

Great noise and feedback rejection

Built like a tank

Low handling noise

Full-range frequency response (50Hz to 20kHz)

Requires +48V phantom power


Thông số kỹ thuật

Microphone Type:   Condenser

Polar Pattern:   Supercardioid

Frequency Response:   50Hz-20kHz

Max SPL:   140.5dB

Output Impedance:   150 ohms

Signal to Noise Ratio:   70.5dB

Self Noise:   23.5dB (A weighted)

Color:   Grey

Connector:   XLR

Included Accessories:   Mic Clip, Carrying Pouch