Sonor Safari 4-Piece Shell Black Galaxy Sparkle

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  • Giá nhà sản xuất13.900.000 VNĐ
  • Giá Doremi Shop11.900.000 VNĐ
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Thông tin sản phẩm

Uncompromised Sound. Compact Size.

Introducing the Safari Special Edition, the kit with uncompromised sound and compact size.

Cross-Laminated shells deliver superior stiffness, sonically pleasing resonance and spectacular tone. Tune Safe equipped lugs ensure that the tuning stays in place.

The Safari Shell kit comes with an 16" x 16" Bass Drum (with Mount & Riser), 10" x 8" Tom Tom, 14" x 12" Floor Tom, 14" x 5" Snare Drum and a single tom holder (hardware stands & cymbals not included).

TuneSafe – Right in Tune, 100% of the Time!

All SONOR lugs are equipped with the TuneSafe feature, which prevents tension rods from loosening during hard rim shots or where batter heads have been loosely tuned.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Series:   Safari Special Edition

shell material:   Poplar

item description:   SSE 10 Safari 4pc

item no.:   17104116

shell plies:   9 plies

shell finish outside:   12795 Black Galaxy Sparkle

shell size:   16'' x 16'' Bass Drum (with Mount & Riser), 10'' x 8'' Tom Tom, 14'' x 12'' Floor Tom, 14'' x 5'' Snare Drum

shell thickness:   7,2 mm