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The Only Delay/Looper Your Pedalboard Needs

If you're an electric guitarist, TC Electronic's Flashback X4 Guitar Delay Stompbox is essential kit. TC Electronic scored big with the Flashback, and has been listening to your feature requests. The result is the 4-button Flashback X4, which gives you the sonic goodness of the original, only now with 12 delay types, three presets, a 40-second looper, tap tempo - and four TonePrint slots that let you load in presets from your favorite artists via your smartphone or computer. From luscious analog tape echo to insane reverse delays, your pedalboard needs only one delay - the TC Electronic Flashback X4.

TonePrint enabled - load customized signature tones made by your fave guitarists

Beam enabled - download the free TonePrint app to transfer TonePrints wirelessly using your smartphone

Pedal simple - don't read, rock!

Three Presets

Tap Tempo

16 Delay Types

40-second looper with undo

Independent loop and delay engines

True Bypass (optional buffered)


Expression pedal input

Stereo in- and output

MIDI - sync delay tempos and change presets externally

Subdivision selector including dual delay

9 Volt DC power supply included

Massive headroom

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