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  • Giá nhà sản xuất4.290.000 VNĐ
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Thông tin sản phẩm

The Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series Liverpool V2 pedal gives you that distinctive chime and grind of a classic diamond grille amp. You can achieve everything from British Invasion jangle to a top-boost growl with the Liverpool, using its six effective controls (Level, Mid, Character, Drive, Low, and High knobs). Plus, the Liverpool V2 pedal now includes a speaker emulation switch, so you're instantly ready to put those sparkling Brit tones straight into your recorder or mixer. Get a diverse range of overdrive and distortion tones with the Liverpool pedal!

Thông số kỹ thuật
  • Authentic-sounding tones, from jangle to top-boost growl
  • Six level-, tone-, and drive-shaping controls (Level, Mid, Character, Drive, Low, and High knobs)
  • Switchable speaker emulation
  • Use as a stompbox, preamp, or standalone recording tool
  • Proven SansAmp quality and reliability