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Track Your Whole Band with USB 3.0

If you're looking for low latency and enough channels to record your whole band or multitrack drums properly, then the UAC-8 USB 3.0 audio interface will more than satisfy your needs. Equipped with eight of Zoom's top-quality mic pres and a full compliment of analog I/O plus MIDI connectivity, the UAC-8 adds serious multitrack recording capabilities and more to your studio setup. And behind the scenes, Zoom's MixEfx software expands your recording power, with easy access to critical settings and onboard effects processing. For ample connectivity and fast, low-latency performance, Sweetwater can highly recommend the Zoom UAC-8.

Zoom UAC-8 USB 3.0 Audio Interface at a Glance:

Great recording interface for your band

High-end processing delivers better sound

MixEfx software mixer makes signal management easy

Great recording interface for your band

The Zoom UAC-8 USB 3.0 interface is simple to use. A set of XLR/TRS combo jacks in the front lets you hook up mics, instruments, or line signals in seconds. The UAC-8 uses high-end Burr Brown converters to capture top-notch audio. A full set of TRS jacks in the back let you hook up your powered monitors and studio processors, and you've got ADAT and S/PDIF digital I/O for expanding your rig.

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

The USB 3.0 SuperSpeed transfer protocol used by the UAC-8, with a speed of 2.0 ms roundtrip @ 96kHz / 32 samples, is ten times faster than USB 2.0 and six times faster than FireWire 800. That not only ensures low latency, it provides a data stream that's unaffected by computer jitter (slight variations in timing), so there's no need to connect an external master clock source.

MixEfx software mixer makes signal management easy

All parameters of the Zoom UAC-8 are controllable via the MixEfx software application, making it easy to manage your session right from your computer. You can add effects like reverb or echo to offer vocalists a better monitoring experience. You'll also be able to enable a loopback mode that lets you blend the input signals with playback from a computer source, especially useful for live internet streaming.

Download the UAC-8 MixEfx.

Zoom UAC-8 USB 3.0 Audio Interface Features:

18-in, 20-out USB 3.0 audio interface

Extremely low latency audio

MIDI I/O lets you use MIDI control surfaces and sequence external hardware

UAC-8 MixEfx application allows you to add reverb or delay effects to inputs and outputs

Phantom power to run your favorite condenser mics

Eight XLR/TRS combo input jacks for mic and line sources, enough for your whole band


Thông số kỹ thuật

Computer Connectivity:   USB 3.0

Form Factor:   Rackmount

Simultaneous I/O:   18 x 20

A/D Resolution:   24-bit/192kHz

Analog Inputs:   8 x XLR/TRS Combo

Analog Outputs:   2 x 1/4" (Main), 8 x 1/4" (Line), 2 x 1/4" (Headphones)

Digital Inputs:   1 x Coax, 1 x Optical

Digital Outputs:   1 x Coax, 1 x Optical

Number of Preamps:   8

Phantom Power               :   Yes

MIDI I/O:   In/Out

Clock I/O:   2 x Word Clock

Rack Spaces:   1U

Dimensions: 157.65 mm (D) × 482.6 mm (W) × 46.03 mm (H)

Weight: 2.02kg